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Lottery Sambad Lottery Result

Lottery Sambad Today - Result 11:55AM, 4PM, 8PM PDF 2020

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Lottery Sambad Result is published daily on our site now you can check and download. It is the lotto that publish the draw results thrice in a day in Sikkim State Lotteries, Nagaland, Sambad, Goa State rajshree and West Bengal dear. Lottery Sambad morning publish at 11:55 am, and Dear Lottery Sambad Evening announces at 4 pm. The last result of day Lottery sambad night published hear at 8 pm.

Lottery Sambad Result. Sambad Lottery Result Online PDF. Every lottery ticket owner can get your lottery results here on Lottery sambad today result, Lottery Sambad Old Result, yesterday Result here on our lotterybaba website. If you want to view lottery result today then tap on the respective link given above. Lotterybaba wish you good luck for your Lottery results.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

The ticket owners who are excited to know the sambad lottery result can download and view all Sambad lottery result in the scheduled time. Stay around with us to get sambad lottery result today. Also you can view and download lottery sambad old result or sambad lottery past results. Sambad lottery results will be published every day on this page. Lotterybaba will give you sambad lottery figure paper in respect of the Sambad lotteries. If you have any query related to sambad lottery result, please write to us.

Lottery Sambad Today Morning Result Schedule

Sikkim State Lottery Today Result 11:55 AM

Lottery Draw Names Lottery Draw Day Lottery Draw Time
Dear Respect Morning Monday 11:55 am
Dear Admire Morning Tuesday 11:55 am
Dear Cherished Morning Wednesday 11:55 am
Dear Precious Morning Thursday 11:55 am
Dear Treasure Morning Friday 11:55 am
Dear Valuable Morning Saturday 11:55 am
Dear Love Morning Sunday 11:55 am

Dear Lottery Sambad Result Time Table

West Bengal State Lottery Today Result 4PM

Lottery Draw Names Lottery Draw Day Lottery Draw Time
Dear Banga lakshmi Raidak Monday 4 pm
Dear Banga lakshmi Torsha Tuesday 4 pm
Dear Banga lakshmi Teesta Wednesday 4 pm
Dear Banga shree Ichamati Thursday 4 pm
Dear Banga shree Damodar Friday 4 pm
Dear Banga bhumi Ajay Saturday 4 pm
Dear Banga bhumi Bhagirathi Sunday 4 pm

Lottery Sambad Night Result Time and Date

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today 8 PM

Lottery Draw Names Lottery Draw Day Lottery Draw Time
Dear Eagle Evening Monday 8 pm
Dear Parrot Evening Tuesday 8 pm
Dear Flamingo Evening Wednesday 8 pm
Dear Hawk Evening Thursday 8 pm
Dear Ostrich Evening Friday 8 pm
Dear Vulture Evening Saturday 8 pm
Dear Falcon Evening Sunday 8 pm

Sambad Lottery Result